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SpotiCharge OCPI Manager

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SpotiCharge OCPI Manager is a management software for charging points

At present, technological development has given a positive and facilitating result within the possible economic ranges for a working citizen. This evolution began in the automotive area, which is why there has been a deployment of recharging point installations for electric vehicles worldwide.

The question is: Are companies trained for their proper operation and maintenance? Well, to date they are in charge of installing and managing this service and must facilitate its electrical supply.

The poor management of the maintenance of these recharging points directly affects the consumer, since it does not comply with or offer an optimal service, which covers three important points such as: QUALITY OF SERVICE - PRICE - TIME.

That is why we are the best allies, offering our clients a management program within our application, complying with the updating of new open charging point protocols and adapting as the main charging point search engine on the network. Providing the citizen with a quality service, which will have the necessary information for their daily organization.

What are SpotiCharge's guarantees in the management of these charging points?

  • Periodic improvement updates in the APP
  • Operating charging points and active support 24 hours a day
  • Information and help for users from our web application
  • Optimum recharging power


Own development

SpotiCharge OCPI Manager is a software that has its own development to be able to fully customize the service model of our clients.


SpotiCharge OCPI Manager monitors, records and supervises actions on compatible smart chargers of any brand.

It is valid for a wide variety of users and recharging scenarios: on public roads, for a private fleet of electric vehicles, in neighborhood communities and in public car parks.
It allows to provide a quality service in the management of a public or private charging point. Up to 80 percent of operations-related issues are resolved remotely and reduce total cost of ownership with smart charging management.

Cost optimization

SpotiCharge OCPI Manager analyzes energy costs in real time to optimize charging and reduce your energy cost.


SpotiCharge OCPI Manager manages billing transactions for electric vehicle drivers.

Quality indicators

Process quality indicators are statistical measures based on figures or ratios that are used as criteria to judge and evaluate the performance of an organization, a system or a process. Examples of the available indicators:

  • Availability.
  • Available time.
  • Number of daily, weekly and monthly loads.
  • Average daily, weekly and monthly charging time.
  • Waiting time for 100% recharge.
  • Average and maximum load intensity
  • Average cost of daily, weekly and monthly loads...