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Solar panel 455w 144 cells

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Solar panel 455w Monocrystalline perc split cell. A state-of-the-art 144-cell panel with 20.4% module efficiency and the advantages of split-cell technology in partial shading management and improved temperature dissipation.

Electrical Characteristics

The 455 W 144 cells Mono perc solar panel has one of the highest efficiencies in the market and among its main electrical characteristics we have:

- Voltage at maximum power (VMP): 40.9V
- Current at maximum power (IMP): 10.88A
- Voltage at open circuit (VOC): 49.7V
- Short Circuit Current (ISC): 11.45A
- Dimensions: 2108x1048x35mm
- Weight: 23 kg

Inverter connection

A minimum of 3 panels in series are required for an inverter with single or double mppt input.

Advantages of Solar Panel

The 450w solar panel with its new split cell technology improves the performance of the photovoltaic system in many aspects, here we can see the main ones:

Decreased thermal resistance: Thanks to the use of the split cell the current flowing through the panel is divided into two parts and the thermal resistance losses decrease. Simply with this change of configuration in the panel we have a gain of up to 10w compared to a conventional module.

Decrease of the panel temperature: The split cells have a better heat dissipation compared to a conventional cell so there is also a lower possibility of having a hot spot in the future. In addition, the Perc technology, thanks to the use of reflection, further reduces temperature losses.

Better behavior in shadows: Because the panel is divided into two strings connected in parallel, if we have the effect of a partial shadowing, half of the panel continues to work so we decrease very considerably the losses.

MBB technology: The multi bus bar of its cells has the advantage of reducing the electrical resistance by reducing the distance between the transfer of electrical current of the conductors. The gain is between 5 and 10w per solar panel and the chances of having defects such as "microcracks" decrease significantly.

Years of warranty

25 years on power, 10 years on manufacturing defects.




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