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1.4 kW flat roof self-consumption photovoltaic pack

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Universal self-consumption pack with photovoltaic energy, with 3 high power panels of 144 cells and a 3 kW AC inverter. You can track the operation of the panels and energy production with the supplier's app.

The package does not include installation and transportation costs, which are quoted separately.

Environmental advantages of photovoltaic energy 

- The energy generated by the pack comes from the main inexhaustible and free source, which is the sun.  
- Energy independence from fossil fuels.
- Reduction of carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions, the greenhouse gas best known for being the main responsible for preventing heat from escaping from the lower layers of the atmosphere. 
- Clean energy generation

How does this pack affect your electricity bill?

Your electric bill in the billing summary section has several concepts. The energy produced by the panels allows you to reduce the energy term and taxes. 3 panels produce 1,350 kW per hour for 10 hours of sunshine equals 13 kW per day which with an average cost of 0.3 € / kW is 4 euros of potential savings per day.


What are the taxes on your electricity bill?

VAT is 10% for consumers with contracted power up to 10 kW + excise tax on electricity 0.5% until June 30, 2022. The general VAT is a 21% tax and the special tax on electricity (IEE), also called electricity tax, is levied at 5.113% of the amount of the consumption and power term.


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