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Technical report of photovoltaic project

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Technical report of photovoltaic project

Complete technical project, with technical justification of the installation (according to the RBT ITC-BT-04) and with a Responsible Declaration or endorsed by a competent Technician, which must also include: 

- Detail the type of installation in question (for self-consumption without surplus, or with surplus, etc.).
- Basic configuration of the installation. General description of the facilities and their components.
- General design criteria: basic sizing, collection system design, with justification of the orientation and inclination adopted.
- Justify the architectural integration of the installation, including simulations with photographs, in addition to complying with the REBT, the ordinances and the Urban Regulations of the PGOU, as well as the special plans that may affect the building, and other sectoral regulations.
- Certify that there are no disturbing reflections on the surrounding buildings (plans with distances, heights, angles of solar incidence and reflection, etc.).
- Certify the resistance of the support structure (counterbalanced, coplanar anchors, etc.) regarding atmospheric phenomena (wind, etc.) and, the resistance of the roof or base where the installation will be supported and of possible conditions with respect to other installations on the structure of the building.
- Justification of the accessibility to the roof and protection and safety measures for the assembly and maintenance of the installation, as well as the implementation of collective and/or individual protections that prevent workers from falling from a height, both in memory and in the plans.
- Technical sheets of the collector panels, inverters, etc.
- Detailed budget of the installation and endorsed summary sheet.
- Construction Waste Management Report, (R.D.105/2008).
- Study or Basic Study of Safety and Health (RD 1627/97).
- Justification of payment of the urban fees and the liquidation of the ICIO.
- Responsible statement of the drafting technician assuming his responsibility and training or approved project


The payment of taxes urban planning taxes and the settlement of the ICIO is not included in the price

The budget indicated is for an installation with 12 panels.