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Solar electric mobility

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Solar electric mobility

At SpotiCharge we are committed to electric mobility and the reduction of energy prices. That's why we can install the charging point for you. Electric mobility is relevant today not only from an ecological but also from an economic point of view. If you combine the electric transition of the company fleet with your own photovoltaic installation, the investment will practically pay for itself, since you will charge your electric cars or vans with electricity from your own parking lot or roof.

Environmental advantages of photovoltaics 

- The energy generated by the pack comes from the main inexhaustible and free source, which is the sun.  
- Energy independence from fossil fuels
- Reduction of carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions, the greenhouse gas best known for being the main responsible for preventing heat from escaping from the lower layers of the atmosphere. 
- Clean energy generation


A 10,000 W photovoltaic canopy is equivalent to 50 square meters (5 x 10 meters) of solar roof with the capacity to park 4 cars and a car charging in solar mode at full power at the same time. It can be installed anywhere with access to a road.


If you buy it as a company and given that a usage fee can be applied for the end customer (The charger is manageable), we can calculate how much time is necessary for the amortization of an electric vehicle charging installation.  The fee is calculated according to the useful life of the service.

Photovoltaic canopy

Solar or photovoltaic canopies are aluminum structures that not only protect vehicles, but also collect the energy from the sun's rays and transform it for use. The structure allows the installation of solar panels on it in order to generate electricity with an average of 205W per square meter. This energy can be used, for example, to charge a car or an electric van.

What is included?

- An aluminum solar canopy for 50 photovoltaic panels.

It does not include the civil works or the installation project.


Energy dependence

The solar canopy with the corresponding electric chargers is a green initiative to take care of our planet and reduce the energetic dependence on diesel or gasoline. You decide the selling price of the service to the end user.

Self-consumption or Isolated

We can opt for the installation of recharging points by solar energy through two systems: Self-consumption and Isolated. 

- Isolated installation
The isolated installation is totally disconnected from the electrical grid.

- Self-consumption installation
The self-consumption installation is connected to the electrical grid.

How much electrical energy can I obtain?

A 455w solar panel has the following main electrical characteristics:

- Voltage at maximum power (VMP): 40.9V
- Current at maximum power (IMP): 10.88A
- Voltage at open circuit (VOC): 49.7V
- Short Circuit Current (ISC): 11.45A
- Dimensions: 2108x1048x35mm
- Weight: 23 kg
- Efficiency: 20.4% Efficiency: 20.4% Efficiency: 20.4% Efficiency: 20.4% 

Power output ratio

455 W per 2108x1048x35mm equals 455 W per 2.21 square meter
-> 205 W per square meter


Support to the electric mobility infrastructure

The electric mobility infrastructure project is subject to aid under the Moves III plan.

Methods of payment

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