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Self-consumption inverter 2 mppt three-phase hybrid 12 kW

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12kw three-phase hybrid self-consumption inverter with dual 650V mppt input and up to 15,600 w in solar panels. One of the most complete equipment on the market capable of operating in isolated installations and self-consumption. It allows paralleling up to 16 units, surplus derivation through its smart load port and has a 240 amp ac charger for use with a generator. 

The 12 KW three-phase inverter is compatible with a multitude of lead-acid, gel and lithium batteries.

Complies with RD 1699

The 12kW three-phase inverter for self-consumption has certificates of compliance with the Spanish regulation RD 1699 which regulates the operation of grid connection systems and electricity production.


5 years warranty and wifi monitoring included.

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