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Self-consumption inverter 2 mppt 6 kW

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6kW single-phase inverter for self-consumption with double mppt input of 500V and up to 7800 W in solar panels. It has wifi as standard for monitoring through the free solarman portal. The 6000W grid inverter can operate as a zero discharge system (optional) or feeding surplus to the grid.

User-friendly monitoring and configuration display with built-in dc switch. Passive heatsink without fans and ip 65 enclosure.

One of the most complete equipments in the market capable of operating in self-consumption installations. 

Double mppt input

The working range of its double mptt regulator is between 80 and 550V, so with 3 panels of 144 cells, it can be put into operation.

Complies with RD 1699

The 6kW single-phase inverter for self-consumption has certificates of compliance with the Spanish regulation RD 1699, which regulates the operation of grid connection systems and electricity production.


5 years warranty and wifi monitoring included.

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