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7.4 kW electric car charging point installation

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7.4 kW charger installation

At SpotiCharge we are committed to electric mobility. That's why we can install the charging point for you. After a visit from our technician, we will confirm if your installation complies with the campaign guidelines. If not, you will receive a quotation including any additional work and/or optional devices you have chosen.

What does your charger installation include?

- Installation on a wall and configuration 7.4 kW charging point with type 2 connector with SpotiCharge APP control and Ethernet communication.
- Installation of electrical protections in compliance with ITC-TB 52 regulations.
- A distance of up to 20 meters distance and a passage of walls or slabs in the installation between the electrical panel and the charging point.
- A distance of up to 20 meters and a passage of walls or slabs in the installation between the charging point and the Internet router.
- Commissioning and load test.
- Professional electrical installation certificate.
- Includes legalization formalities.


What is necessary for the installation of your charger?

- An electrical panel with 7.4kW of available power.
- A wired Internet connection between the charging point and the router.


What is not included?

- The electrical connection works between the point of the distributor and the electrical panel.
- If the required power is not available, a complementary solar installation.
- Tests with a car that does not have a type 2 connector (Mennenkes).
- Does not include the application for subsidies.


Grants for the electric mobility infrastructure


The electric mobility infrastructure project is subject to aid under the Moves III plan.


Methods of payment


Payment by PayPal, amazon pay, Coinbase Commerce or bank deposit.

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