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Vega Charger

DC mode 4 charging station Aloha 30 kW

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A stylish and compact charger for business. You can track the good operation of the station, the consumption of each user, reserve the point and monetize thanks to any available app. Ask us for prices and delivery times.

DC charger mode 4 Aloha 30 kW

Medium-sized, floor- or wall-mounted direct current (DC) charging stations, such as the Aloha 30 kW, are a new concept in the field of electromobility, as they provide charging speeds similar to large stations, but in a reduced size.

The Aloha 30kW charger reduces the charging time of current electric vehicles by offering 200 km of autonomy for every hour of connection with a power Max charge of 30 kW direct current (DC) in [ _0127_5_1]comparison with the 75 km range offered by other alternating current charging stations (AC – 11 kW).

Infrastructure aid for electric mobility

The electric mobility infrastructure project is subject to aid within the framework of the Moves III plan

General characteristics

DC charger type / Mode 4
Max. load power 30 kW (@ V ≥ 375 Vdc)
Output voltage 150 Vdc ~ 500 Vdc (1000 Vdc optional)
Charge current 0A ~ 80A
Connector type CCS2 & CHADEMO
Cable length 3.5 m (longer length optional)
Material Stainless steel and polyurethane
Protection index IP55 / IK10 (Screen IK08)
Working temperature -30°C to 50°C
Humidity 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Acoustic level ≤ 55 dBA at 1 m distance in all directions
Dimensions 757 x 475 x 275mm
Weight 68 kg**
Mounting type On wall or on pole
Color Customizable

electrical characteristics

Voltage 400V ±10%
Rated current 46A
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power factor ≥0.99
Efficiency >95%
Standby consumption <25 W

User interface, connectivity and deadlines

Display 10,1”
User interaction Touch screen
Communication protocol OCPP 1.6J
4G / Ethernet / Wi-Fi connectivity
Access and Identification RFID Lector or Access Code


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Charging station rental

Renting is a rental contract that includes a management and maintenance service more information