SpotiEnergy SLU with trademark SpotiCharge is a Valencia-based company incorporated in 2022 to be an electric car charging network provider (CPO) that designs, installs and manages electric mobility infrastructure projects.

We are looking for plots of land, parking spaces and sites.

We are actively looking for plots of land, parking spaces or sites for new locations of electric vehicle charging points throughout the national territory.

Electric mobility for your employees, customers or both with electric scooter, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle or scooter and/or electric car.


For 2 vehicles, 30 square meters.

We can make the infrastructure available to you if the site has public access and it can also be a private use facility. 


- For 5 electric scooters : 3 m².
- For 5 electric bicycles : 5 m².
- For cars, lots or parking spaces from 30 to 100 m² for commercial, tertiary or industrial use, located in transit areas with easy accessibility.


In well-communicated areas of towns of at least 5,000 inhabitants.


- Industrial Environment (entrance to industrial parks with vehicular traffic)
- Commercial Environment (integrated in commercial parks)
- Urban Environment (close to towns)

Propose a site, parking lot or location