Mandatory charging points in car parks

Royal Decree-Law 29/2021 of 21 December on electric mobility

By 1 January 2023, all buildings other than private residential buildings with a parking area with more than twenty parking spaces, either inside or in an assigned outdoor space, as well as existing car parks not assigned to buildings with more than twenty parking spaces, must have the following minimum electric vehicle charging infrastructure facilities:

  • In general, one charging station shall be installed for every 40 parking spaces or fraction thereof, up to 1,000 spaces, and one more charging station for every additional 100 spaces or fraction thereof.
  • In buildings owned by the General State Administration or public bodies linked to it or dependent on it, one recharging station shall be installed for every 20 parking spaces or fraction thereof, up to 500 spaces, and one more recharging station for every 100 additional spaces or fraction thereof.
  • Buildings that are officially protected as part of a declared environment or because of their particular architectural or historical value are excluded from these obligations, insofar as compliance with the requirement could unacceptably alter their character or appearance, as determined by the competent heritage protection authority.
  • This electric vehicle charging infrastructure will comply with the provisions of the applicable industrial safety regulations and in particular, for low voltage installations, with Royal Decree 842/2002, of 2 August, approving the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations and its Complementary Technical Instruction (ITC) BT 52 "Special Purpose Installations. Infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles".


Free choice of electricity supplier

The Spanish electricity market has been deregulated since 1998 and all consumers are free to choose their electricity supplier. For a contracted power of more than 10 kW, and with the 3.0TD tariff, the only alternative is the free market.  An AC alternating current charger for an electric car is 22 kW and a DC direct current charger is 30 kW.

Solar carport option

It is possible to add a solar electricity source with a  solar canopy which allows solar electricity to be added to the connected electricity.

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More information in the BOE


Installation subsidy

Electric vehicle charging infrastructures benefit from subsidies. We manage the MOVES III plan subsidies.

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