Problemas comunes de la movilidad eléctrica

Common problems of electric mobility

Price volatility

One of the challenges of electric mobility is the volatility of energy prices in Spain. SpotiCharge is an electric car charger management platform that optimises charging hours to charge at the most suitable time and we can take advantage of solar electric energy with a solar or photovoltaic canopy.

sbout chargers

Some chargers are installed but not active, others are active and free but with low charging power, or installed but occupied. The solution proposed by SpotiCharge is a management platform that allows the monitoring of the charging points 24/24 h to see their correct operation and use.

Quality indicators

Process quality indicators are statistical measures based on figures or ratios that are used as criteria to judge and evaluate the performance of an organisation, a system or a process.

The solution is to think about the end customer and define a correct management thanks to the quality indicators of a recharge service.

- Availability.
- Time available.
- Number of daily, weekly and monthly recharges.
- Average daily, weekly and monthly recharge time.
- Waiting time for 100% recharge.
- Average and maximum charging intensity.
- Lack of energy sub-supply.

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