Sustainable parking space

Did you know that you could rent or sell parking spaces in a more environmentally friendly way by installing a charging point for electric vehicles? As an owner or intermediary, we can offer you a discount on the installation and management of the service. If you have any questions, you can contact us at the email and telephone number on our SpotiCharge website.

Environmental benefits

The energy of a parking space with charger comes from one of the main inexhaustible and free sources, which is the sun or other renewable sources. You will reduce CO2 emissions and generate clean energy in two ways: an electric vehicle that does not emit CO2 and CO2-free energy.

Economic advantages

Buying or renting sustainable parking spaces is a safe business with a profitability of around 8% in cities with high demand.

More information on SpotiCharge Electric Recharge Pack and Mandatory Recharge Points Royal Decree-Law 29/2021

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