Participación en el Congreso Global Mobility Call

Participation in the Global Mobility Call Congress

Global Mobility Call 2022 #GlobalMobilityCall

Madrid witnessed the world congress on sustainable mobility led by Global Mobility Call:

The Congress for the development of sustainable mobility Global Mobility Call is a unique opportunity to join efforts and initiatives around electric mobility, welcoming the majority of companies that work in this area throughout Spain. Between June 14 and 16, Spoticharge was present, sharing their vision, plans and projects that will allow a deployment of electric car charging point facilities under the main concept of our Slogan « Plug your car with the Sun ».

Said congress was attended to share the initiatives in sustainable mobility, electric car charging point, scooter, bicycle, transformation of canopies to self-consumption systems, among others.


How is the mobility of the future led by Spoticharge?​

  • Intelligent and integrated management for the maintenance and control of electric charging points. No financial or technological risk.
  • Facilitate electric mobility with a cleaner and more sustainable green energy by reducing polluting gas emissions.
  • Design of public-private projects and initiatives for electric mobility: solar canopy, charging point on lampposts, photovoltaic self-consumption on the roof...
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