Women leading Electric Mobility

Given that the transport sector is responsible for more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, electric mobility has been so successful, thanks to the great receptiveness of communities and major companies that want to contribute to its development and improvement.

Women have been a strong force in this area, as they have been determined to lead the way in the evolution of the automotive industry towards electric mobility, expanding a global market for electric car sales due to their strong environmental awareness and driving style.

They are governed by a sustainable electric mobility policy that takes into account the mobility needs of different potential user groups, especially women and user groups that want to enter a new ecological era.  The implementation of sustainable mobility in large cities, in which public transport, taxis, private cars, are applied and developed in the best way, so that, after many improvements, it can reach even rural areas, where any electric transport would be very expensive.

We call on the entire business community that is committed to electricity sustainability, which creates medium and long-term economic, social and environmental value to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which they operate and future generations. 

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