La movilidad eléctrica verde según SpotiCharge

Green electric mobility 

A semi-fast or fast charger station running on green energy with your brand (or ours) is what we offer to our customers. A typical charge from 20% to 80% of capacity will cost less than 20 euros for an average sized electric vehicle. By way of comparison, it costs around €60 to fill an average sized car tank with gasoline.

Electricity is generated both from solar-powered canopies above the chargers and from a network of hybrid solar farms on the roof combined with traditional electricity.

Each parking space is 5 meters long by 2.5 meters wide and the recommended size of solar panels and parking is 100 meters (5 x 20 meters) square, which is equivalent to 20,500 W of electrical power at full capacity and spaces for 8 cars.

Cost optimization

The SpotiCharge charger manager intelligently manages the charging process to take advantage of the green energy source at the best price at any given moment (solar or grid).

About SpotiCharge

SpotiCharge is the trademark of the Valencian company SpotiEnergy SLU.

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