Ford will manufacture its electric vehicles in Almussafes

The president of AVIA, Mónica Alegre, has expressed, on behalf of the entire automotive cluster of the Valencian Community, the enormous satisfaction with Ford Europe's decision to award the Almussafes plant the manufacture of the new electric models.

For the president of the Cluster, this long-awaited decision strengthens the Valencian Community as "the European region of reference in electric and sustainable mobility, as well as a pole of technological investment". "It is also -he continues- a breath of fresh air for the Valencian industry as a whole, not only for the automotive sector".

In this sense, Mónica Alegre recognizes that Ford's maintenance of the Almussafes factory is positive for the Valencian industry as a whole, which benefits directly and indirectly from the driving force of the multinational. “Together with the nearly 25,000 families that work in the sector, there are numerous companies that indirectly benefit. So this news is good for all Valencians”.

Mónica Alegre considers that “the commission for the production of electric models in Almussafes, together with Volkswagen's significant investment in Sagunto make us optimistic that other multinationals related to new mobility choose our community. And this is an incentive for us to work to attract these investments”. Also -he has affirmed- so that the administration has more arguments towards other international companies”.

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