Electricity retailers in Spain

Differences between distributor and marketer

Distributors are the companies responsible for transporting energy from grids to processing centres to end customers.

The marketers are the ones in charge of buying the energy and selling it to the final consumer through their tariffs. It is the entity that maintains direct communication with the end customer and in particular that sells the electricity and invoices the service. There are a total of 708 marketers in Spain with distinct territorial areas.

Renewable energy

Each marketer has a renewable energy production mix and the amount of green electricity is certified by the CNMC, Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (National Markets and Competition Commission).

Audax Renovables, Axpo Iberia, Enérgya VM, Feníe Energía, Holaluz, Gesternova Energía, Nexus Energía, Podo are certified by the CNMC that 100% of their electricity is renewable.

The term power is the price that a consumer pays for the amount of kilowatts (kW) he has contracted and does not depend on consumption. When hiring an electric vehicle charging service that can be quickly recharged up to 11kW in alternating current or from 30kW in direct current, you may have to raise it, for example from 3.45 to 11.5 kW

 Standard powers available



Single-phase installation

(230 V)

Three-phase installation

(3*230/400 V)

1,5 0,345 kW 1,039 kW
3 0,69 kW 2,078 kW
3,5  0,805 kW 2,425 kW
1,15 kW 3,464 kW
7,5  1,725 kW 5,196 kW
10  2,3 kW 6,928 kW
15  3,45 kW (Estándar domestica) 10,392 kW
20  4,6 kW 13,856 kW
25  5,75 kW 17,321 kW
30  6,9 kW 20,785 kW
35  8,05 kW 24,249 kW
40  9,2 kW 27,713 kW
45  10,35 kW 31,177 kW (Punto rápido)
50  11,5 kW 34,641 kW
63  14,49 kW 43,648 kW

The complete list can be found on the website of the CNMC Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia.

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