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Collective self-consumption

Collective self-consumption project on the roof of a building with 23kW of solar power (52 panels)


How to carry out the procedures and procedures to self-produce my energy step by step?

🡪 Indicate the location of the building or house in the contact form: street, number and postal code.
🡪 Identify in the contact form the area to be installed: flat roof, sloping roof, roof that falls on space for public use or not.
🡪 Indicate in the contact form if on a roof or on a pergola.

Legal framework for a building

The installation can be individual, collective or community and requires a roof authorization that is voted on at the meeting of owners. According to Law 49/1960, of July 21, on horizontal property, Article 17.1, the necessary infrastructures to access new collective energy supplies, may be agreed, at the request of any owner, by one third of the members of the community who represent, in turn, one third of the participation fees for individual or collective self-consumption. The energy produced is distributed through an economic participation and financing agreement.

Individual self-consumption project in a canopy with 32kW of solar power (75 panels)

Urban planning plan

Certain protected areas of cities do not allow the installation of solar panels. Ask us for more information indicating your address in the contact form.

For a private house

The meeting of the owners' meeting is not necessary.


You can save up to 2/3 of the cost of your solar energy installation with the new tax benefits of IBI, IRPF...


We can finance your solar project in such a way that you will start saving on your electricity bill.

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Indicate in the contact form your building or house to obtain a quote in 48 hours: street, number and postal code.

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