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Roof rental for a solar energy project is a simple way totake advantage of the roof of our community of owners or industrial warehouse and charge rent for it. You do not have to make any initial investment and SpotiCharge takes care of all the legal, administrative and technical procedures.

Roof of community of owners or industrial warehouse


In the following table we establish indicative rental prices that vary depending on the useful area available (without shadows) and the type of roof or cover (sloping, flat, ease of access).

Approximate price for the rental of roofs for solar panels

Useful area available Monthly price*
15 – 20 m2 20 – 40 €
20 – 30 m2 30 – 60 €
30 – 50 m2 50 – 80 €
50 – 100 m2 75 – 200 €
100 – 500 m2 200 – 600 €
500 – 1.000 m2 600 – 1.500 €


Advantages of renting the roof

- You will start to monetize a space that you do not use.
- You will have a fixed source of income for the duration of the contract (solar installations have a useful life of around 25 years)
- You should not make any initial investment.
- Your property will be revalued.
- You will help to reduce the carbon footprint.

Case of a community

In the case of a community, and according to the horizontal property law, two thirds of the owners must approve the rental.

Industrial warehouses or communities of owners

The most interesting spaces are the large surfaces in industrial buildings for industrial self-consumption and the communities of owners (collective photovoltaic installations). In the case of housing blocks, it will be necessary to have the approval of at least ⅔ parts of the owners, we process the rest of the procedures. Regarding the economic distribution of the benefits, it will be carried out in equal parts depending on the number of properties of each one.

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